Group members


Deanne Rogers

Principal Investigator
Research: Planetary geology and remote sensing
Photo credit: SBU School of Journalism

Curriculum Vitae PDF

Alexandra Ahern

Graduate student (2016-present)

Laura Breitenfeld

Graduate student (2018-present)

Justin Cowart

Graduate student (2016-present)

Carlos Gary Bicas

Graduate student (2019-present)

Jason Gregerson

Graduate student (2015-present)
Research:structure of amorphous sulfates

Bryan Howl

Graduate student (2019-present)

Former group members

Gen Ito, Ph.D., 2018
Now at: Post-doctoral researcher at Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, France

Marcella Yant, Ph.D., 2017
Now at: Post-doctoral researcher at Johns Hopkins University

Joseph Tamborski, Ph.D., 2016
Now at: Post-doctoral researcher at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Cong Pan, Ph.D., 2016
Now at: Post-doctoral researcher at Northern Arizona University.

Katlyn LaFranca, undergraduate, 2015-2016
Now at: M. S. student, Mineral Physics Institute

Joachim Audouard, post-doc, 2015-2016
Now at: Le Laboratoire Atmosphères, Milieux, Observations Spatiales (LATMOS)

Mike Thorpe, M.S., 2014
Research: quantitative TIR analyses of sedimentary rocks
Now at: PhD student in Joel Hurowitz' group, Stony Brook University

Tarsila Carvalho de Jesus, Undergraduate researcher (2014)
Research: analyses of thermally distinct crater ejecta on Mars
Now at: undergraduate at Federal University of Bahia, Brazil

Elizabeth Sklute , Ph.D., 2014
Research: spectral/structural/stability investigations of amorphous Fe-sulfate phases
Now at: Post-doc at Mt Holyoke, MA

Adam Nazarian, Graduate student (2012-2013)
Research: infrared studies of high-thermal inertia (rocky) surfaces on Mars

Jerome Varriale, Undergraduate researcher (2012-2013)
Research: Field, laboratory and remote sensing studies of Hawaiian basalts
Now at Utah State University

Jake Gardner, Undergraduate researcher (2012-2013)
Research: infrared studies of Martian impact craters

Craig Hardgrove, Postdoctoral Associate, 2011-2012
Now at Arizona State University

Kaitlin McIntosh, Undergraduate researcher (2011-2012)

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