The EPRSL houses 6 fast Dell Precision Workstations, running under Red Hat Enterprise Linux (5) or Windows (1) with over 6 TB storage space for users. Research software includes ENVI, ArcGIS, Matlab, ,Davinci, JMars and JEarth, Craterstats, ISIS, CRISM Analysis Toolkit, Ames Stereo Pipeline photogrammetry functions, and FLIR ExaminIR.

Field equipment

A FLIR Systems T640 handheld infrared camera is available for field and/or laboratory studies. The camera senses broadband radiance between ~7.5-13 micrometers, and has an absolute temperature accuracy of 2K at ambient temperature. Relative temperature accuracy between pixels is about 0.1K. The field of view is 25x18 across a 640x480 pixel array, giving the camera a pixel IFOV of 0.7 mrad.

The lab also houses a Decagon EC-5 soil moisture sensor with 5 cm probe length.

Data sets

A small number of data sets are stored in EPSRL, most of which cover Long Island, NY. These include Landsat reflectance, NDVI, and temperature records from 1980-2010, USGS soil maps, and a 30 m/pixel DEM generated from USGS topo quads (assembled by Prof. Gil Hanson).

Other resources available to group members

The Vibrational Spectroscopy Laboratory, managed by Prof. Glotch, is available for laboratory spectral characterization.

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