Stony Brook University Vibrational Spectroscopy Laboratory

Here you will find code developed by our group to determine the optical constants of minerals from visible to far-IR wavelengths. If you use these codes, please reference the appropriate papers listed below.


Hapke VNIR Optical Constant Code

This .zip file contains Matlab programs and .mat files used to determine wavelength-dependent visible-to-near-infrared (VNIR) refractive indices. This code is may only be used with spectra referenced to a calibrated Spectralon standard. This code requires the Matlab Optimization Toolbox. Measurements required to run this code are VNIR spectra of three size separates at seven phase angles each. Instructions on running the code can be found in MASTERPROGRAM_Byt2_B.m. Any questions about the code can be addressed to Dr. Elizabeth Sklute at (Sklute et al., 2014)