Stony Brook University

Remote Sensing (GEO 347/547): An introduction to the fundamental principles of remote sensing, with emphasis on geological and environmental applications. Discussion of the physical basis for remote sensing techniques. Survey of commonly used sensors and image analysis methods in earth sciences. Use of remotely sensed data in geographic information systems. Participants gain practical experience in geologic analysis using satellite imagery.

Geomorphology (GEO 404): An introduction to the study of landforms and the processes that produce and modify them. This active learning class meets for two, three-hour periods each week consisting of recitations, discussions, and exercises. A significant portion of the exercises will relate to Long Island geomorphology. Computers will be used extensively in class.

Natural Hazards(GEO 107): An introduction to the concepts, techniques, and scientific methods used in the earth sciences. The natural hazards posed by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are used as a focus. These phenomena are examined in the context of the theory of plate tectonics to determine their cause, destructive potential, and the possibility of predicting and controlling their occurrence. Elementary probability methods are introduced in the treatment of approaches to prediction. Societal responses to forecasts are also considered.

Advanced Remote Sensing (GEO 604): Course will focus on advanced image processing techniques and Earth science problem solving methods using remotely acquired datasets.  Topics to be explored include atmospheric correction, image classification, field spectroscopy, thermal imaging, and geospatial statistics. Methods will be used to conduct in-depth analyses of three terrestrial field sites which have distinct surface environments, plus one field site of the student's choice.  Classes will consist of image processing/analysis, literature reviews, and one field excursion to the Pine Barrens.

Physical Geology Laboratory (GEO 112): Rock and mineral identification, introduction to topographic and geologic maps.

Other Teaching Experience

  • &bull Scottsdale Community College, AZ, USA
  •          2005: Taught physical geology lab.
  • &bull Arizona State University, AZ, USA
  •          1999-2001: Taught physical geology labs.
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